New Offerring from Josuma Coffee Company – Malabar Gold

Humberto is now carrying a delicious new coffee called Malabar Gold. 

Here is what the producer says about his coffee:   Malabar Gold® is patterned after European espressos, settling on a roasting style between those of Northern and Central Italy. This blend is particularly noteworthy for its richness, velvety texture, and persistence of crema.

Malabar Gold®, the result of more than three years of development and testing, is a sweet, smooth, mellow espresso with plenty of body. It is a low-acid blend with no unpleasant bitterness and not even a hint of sourness. Its aroma and fragrance are pleasant and distinguishing, and its taste is unique and outstanding. Its aftertaste is long lasting and memorable.

Normally I write my thoughts with no coping but I can’t aprove on this description, I completely agree with it!

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